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Is herbal medicine and natural healing alternatives right for you?

If you are like most people you will reject anything unknown to you. But do not be so quick to say no to the unknown. More and more studies are showing that some of the old natural remedies and practices are just as effective today. And they are much less harmful to your body. We have all seen the commercials that say this medicine will treat a particular ailment but may cause these side effects while doing it. Herbal medicines, […]

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Eggplant give it a try, it might surprise you.

I know when you think of some of the vegetables you like eggplant does not top that list. But you might be surprised if cooked right with the right recipe it can be quit delicious as well as doing great things for your body. In writing this I have learned that eggplant is high in fiber. One cup of eggplant only contains 35 calories, so you can eat and not feel guilty. And it is full of Antioxidants, Along with […]

As we all get older we gain new aches and pains.

Most of these are normal as we age. But for more than half of us arthritis will develop in our joints. This condition is caused when cartilage, a rubbery, protective layer that ensures your joints bend smoothly and painlessly, is eroded so much that bone does rub on bone. Some of us may already be experiencing this condition and if so know how difficult it is to move sometimes much less stay health and exercise. You need to consider Investing […]

Cucumber not only tastes good but good for you!

We all know cucumbers are a great light salad ingredient but what most of us do not know is they have several health benefits. Cucumber can help in keeping your body hydrated.They have been know to help fight some forms of cancer.A good natural way to control blood pressure. And are great in aiding digestion.And these are just a few of the natural health benefits of a cucumber. And as the following recipe will show they are not just for […]

Tips to keep you motivated to get healthy!

We all have those moments when we know we need to work out but just do not want to. You have to make the choice everyday to be as healthy and happy as you can be. When you are healthy you can live your life and enjoy every minute of everyday. And we all know being healthy is also being in shape. Here are a few ideas to take the ughhh out of exercising. Listen to Tunes Listen to music […]

3 Powerful Motivation Tips for Ripped Abs

Can you see yourself walking down the street at your favorite location looking and feeling great?  Or as you stroll down the beach and you notice people glance over their shoulders to admire your beautiful ripped abs that belong to you. Feeling so confident in yourself that your vacation seems perfect like a dream.  You pinch yourself and realize that you have arrived. “Life is not fair” We can begin our day very positive, but by the end of the […]

Don’t Let Summer Allergies Stop You From Enjoying the Outdoors!

Do you avoid activity, play, pets and everything else under the sun in an effort to keep your allergies under control?  This week we will be discussing simple ways to help you keep your allergies at bay and allow you to enjoy the fresh air. Stay away from small flowers that do not have a lot of color. These flowers are the ones that tend to bother allergies. Larger, brighter flowers, such as the ones that bees and hummingbirds are […]