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Good Food Health Vitamin Intake

It is essential that a person is aware of what constitutes good food health vitamin intake. The federal drug administration produces a recommended daily allowance for the majority of vitamins which it regards as a good food health vitamin intake. These figures vary according to a person’s age, sex and some other factors so that the good food health vitamin intake for a young woman is going to be different to that of a man in his seventies. The food […]

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Pizza without the Guilty…What a great idea.

Almost everyone I know loves pizza but we all know that is not the most healthy or diet friendly food on the planet. Well I have a found a recipe I wanted to share with you.It allows you to have the pizza you crave without the guilty you don’t.It can be a great snack or a dinner on the run and is quick and easy to prepare. DIET  PIZZA 1 oz. bread 2 oz. cheese 1/4 c. mushrooms, sliced Pinch […]

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Cure through Yoga

Yoga in a popular position Yoga, one of the world’s oldest forms of exercise, is experiencing a rebirth in our stressful modern world. You wouldn’t think that a 3000-year-old exercise could increase its popularity. But yoga is now being prescribed even by some medical practitioners for a range of health ailments and illnesses, as a stress reliever and to complement other fitness programs. Talk to anyone who practises yoga and they will quickly extoll an endless list of benefits. It […]

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Peanut Butter: Think Outside the Sandwich

Peanut butter has been a pantry and sandwich staple in households for generations. However this beloved American icon is more than a spread destined to partner with jelly. Peanut butter is also a nutrient dense food that is sometimes overlooked as part of a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating peanut butter into a variety of dishes and snacks can help add important nutrients to one’s diet. One serving of peanut butter -; just two tablespoons -; provides eight grams of protein, two […]

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Chinese cooking can be very healthy.

Chinese cooking can be very healthy as it contains low carb as well as low fat dishes.  Today, I am sharing with you a low carb Chinese recipes for Chinese green beans. The health benefits of green beans are related to their nutrition. For a sweet vegetable, green beans are still relatively low in calories. They are high in vitamin C and vitamin K; with 1 cup providing 20% of the Daily Value for vitamin C and 25% for vitamin […]

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9 Secrets For Stress-Free Living

In this featured article we’ll teach you how to emotionally de-clutter your life and magnetically pull the things you want closer to you. 1) Accept the problem- You have to be at peace with a problem, WHILST it is in existence, for the solution to come to you. i.e. you have to accept yourself where you are, no matter what – you cannot solve any problem without first accepting it, and yourself. We spend so much of our time trying […]

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Weight Loss Recipe:Tuna Patties With Lemon Dill Sauce

Lean protein is your diet is essential to weight loss and weight maintenance. Tuna fish is an excellent source of lean protein as it is lower in fat than red meats. Losing weight isn’t about hunger, misery and crash dieting! By learning to make, delicious, easy-to-prepare, nutritious food your body needs and will enjoy – losing weight becomes exciting and energizing. Instead of high calorie, fatty sources – use spices to provide flavorsome, exciting meals your whole family will enjoy. […]

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Basic Things To Know Before You Start Running

Before you start running for your training, it is necessary to first ask yourself why you’re running in the first place. People run for so many varied reasons. While others run simply to lose excess weight, there are also some who run to be pro-active against cardio problems and some out of passion to do long distance marathons. The Secret To Smart Running  There is no runner who never wishes to compete in marathon events or fun runs such as the […]

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