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Science-based Assessments Are Best for Peak Performance

Athletic woman laying on a beach drinking a bottle of water.

One thing I’m pleased to see being discussed and tried are science-based assessments.

Want to Get in Shape? Check Your DNA

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Our genes can also help us identify the types of foods that work best for our bodies, and even the type of exercise that will help our bodies reach their peak performance.

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Want to Know the Secret to Improving Your Health?

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I can provide a DNA consultation to recommend appropriate lifestyle changes and supplements that best compliment your analysis.

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Want a Relaxing Night’s Sleep?

Image of a Himalayan pink salt lamp. The lit lamp is sitting on a table and is giving off a soft glow.

Himalayan pink salt lamps have surged in popularity recently, and I’m not surprised. These beautiful large pieces of pure Himalayan Salt house a small bulb inside and offer a nice, warm glow when lit. Personally, I like them for their great source of low light. Research shows different colors of light affect the body in different ways. Blue light, for example, which is the light source for cell phones, tablets, computers and TVs, can disrupt sleep. Salt lamps, on the […]

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90% of the World’s Water Supply is Unfit for Drinking

drinking water

Drinking water is essential to our health and well-being. In fact, you can go more than three weeks without food, but you can’t go more than a few days without water. That’s because at least 60 percent of the human body is made up of it, and every living cell needs it to keep functioning. But not all water is good for you. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 90 percent of the world’s water supply is unfit for drinking […]

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Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Me & Miami Beach

I recently celebrated my one-year anniversary as a resident of Miami Beach. This city has so many wonderful qualities. Aside from its beautiful beaches, which are certainly at the top of my list, I picked Miami Beach because of its reputation for attracting health-conscious people. As a health care adviser and health advocate, I couldn’t be happier here! I’ve always been interested in healthy living. I worked as a nurse in neonatal, pediatric, and adult ICUs all over the world. […]

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Thinking of Going Vegan? November Might Be Your Month to Start!

If you’ve been toying with the idea of going vegan, this could be the month to start … because November is World Vegan Month! This entire month is dedicated to educating people about vegan eating, and encouraging them to give it a go. If you’ve hesitated making the change because it seems so daunting, consider a slow and gradual shift. Some people manage to go vegan overnight, and that’s great for them. But it’s perfectly fine to make small changes […]

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How Do You Use Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that’s more popular than ever. It’s the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers and plants to heal and enhance your physical and psychological wellbeing. I’ve been a believer and user of aromatherapy for years, which is why I’m excited about the ARLYS “Aromas To Go” Starter Kit. The kit comes with a recipe book and various essential oils, including eucalyptus, which is known to aid with sinus pain and respiratory […]

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Trying to Kick the Caffeine Habit?

Many of my clients are trying to kick the caffeine habit. I know that’s a problem for many. You only need to look at your closest Starbucks drive-thru on any given morning to know it. But for those of you that have a full-blown addiction, it’s not as simple as “just stop drinking coffee.” You need to wean yourself off of it in a way that helps you avoid the withdrawal symptoms. One piece of advice I always give my […]

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Do you think your tap water is clean of carcinogens?

I remember going to the movies to see “Erin Brockovich” the weekend it released. While the rest of America focused on Julia Roberts’ Oscar-worthy performance, I was seething over the story. As a health advocate, I was appalled over the fact that a utilities company could pollute a city’s drinking water with chromium-6, a known carcinogen! As we learned at the end of the movie, though, the good guys won and the bad guys had to pay dearly for their […]