Eggplant give it a try, it might surprise you.

MP900387868I know when you think of some of the vegetables you like eggplant does not top that list.

But you might be surprised if cooked right with the right recipe it can be quit delicious as well as doing great things for your body.

In writing this I have learned that eggplant is high in fiber.

One cup of eggplant only contains 35 calories, so you can eat and not feel guilty.

And it is full of Antioxidants, Along with manganese, eggplant skin contains the antioxidant nasunin. A study in the journal “Toxicology” published in August 2000 found that nasunin from eggplants helped prevent cellular damage in the brains of rats. Eggplants also are high in a chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant offering antimicrobial and antiviral activities along with the ability to help lower bad cholesterol levels.


Easy Egg Plant Salad CarbsPerServing: 15g total

Effort: Easy


1 large eggplant – cut ½” pieces 1 large onion – cut ½” pieces, (red, white, yellow,Spanish)

1 can pitted black olives – diced small1 small jar Spanish olives

Diced into small pieces ¼ cup cider vinegar – more to taste

1 quart tomato sauce – whatever low carb brand you use

How to Prepare:

Mix all chopped ingredients and add the vinegar. Toss well to mix

The vinegar with the mixed veggies. Let set a few minutes and toss

Again. Add the tomato sauce and mix again. Add red pepper and black

To taste (1/2 tsp. red is hot).

Mix one more time before placing in a 4 qt. Corning ware pot. Bake in

The oven at 325`F for about 1 hour (1 ½ hours is mushy)

Let cool to room temperature, toss and refrigerate before serving