Spinach…The other green leaf.

A raw vegan tomato sauce with olives, celery, ...

A raw vegan tomato sauce with olives, celery, spinach and walnuts on courgette. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am sure as a kid you were told, like all of us to eat all your vegetables, your parents most likely said they are good for you and your body needs them for the vitamins and minerals. And back then if you were like me you rolled your eyes and ate just enough of them to get through dinner, Am I correct?

But now that you are older you might be surprised to learn a few things such as Neoxanthin and violaxanthin are two anti-inflammatory epoxyxanthophylls both found in spinach.

The high amount of vitamin A in spinach also promotes healthy skin.

One cup of boiled spinach provides over 1000% of the RDA of vitamin K that can prevent excess activation of osteoclasts (the cells that break down bones), as well as promote the synthesis of osteocalcin, the protein that is essential for maintaining the strength and density of our bones.

One cup of spinach contains over 337% of the RDA of vitamin A that not only protects and strengthens “entry points” into the human body, such as mucous membranes, respiratory, urinary and intestinal tracts, but is also a key component of lymphocytes (or white blood cells) that fight infection.

All of these things and many more great things come from eating your spinach, so the next time you are shopping to plan dinner think about what you read and add some spinach to your cart.

This week’s recipe:

Spinach Salad Serves: 4

CarbsPerServing: Not sure Prep Time: 10 minutes

Effort: Easy


1 Bunch of Spinach 6 fresh mushrooms

1 cup bean sprouts 2 strips turkey bacon

1 ½ tbls Renee’s Gourmet Dressing Cucumber Dill flavor

How to Prepare:

Wash and Chop spinach into bite size pieces, chop mushrooms, add

bean sprouts, Fry bacon till crisp, crumble and add. Mix in dressing

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