Sweet Potato and Pesto Club

IMG_6267-1024x682Sweet potatoes, also commonly labeled as yams, are an excellent and inexpensive staple to have on hand. These deep orange-fleshed nutritional powerhouses add several important components to the diet. Their health and weight management benefits far exceed the nutritional value found in ordinary white and yellow fleshed potatoes.

  • Sweet potatoes contain almost twice as much fiber as other types of potatoes.
  • They contain a large amount of vitamin B6. This vitamin is crucial in breaking down a substance called homocysteine, which contributes to hardening of the arteries and blood vessels.
  • Rich in Beta-carotene or vitamin A is an important antioxidant.


All you’ll need for this sandwich is:

1. Two slices of sprouted grain bread (or a gluten free bread of your choice, or a raw bread)

2. Half a cup of thinly sliced raw or cooked sweet potato

3. Pesto recipe of choice 

4. Toppings: greens, tomato, sliced cucumber, roasted bell pepper, kale, etc.

Dollop the pesto onto the sweet potato slices (or use rounds as I did), assemble the sandwich, slice, and enjoy.

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