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Ginger-Steamed Fish with Troy’s Hana-Style Sauce

Delicious, healthy ginger recipes to spice up your menu. Dishes seasoned with ginger are simply irresistible. Whether in its peppery fresh form or as spicy ground powder, this root of the ginger plant may have several therapeutic properties, such as soothing the stomach and stimulating appetite. Try adding fresh ginger to your weekly stir-fry or chopped crystallized ginger to a batch of muffins or granola. Ginger-Steamed Fish with Troy’s Hana-Style Sauce INGREDIENTS FISH 6 5-ounce portions striped bass, halibut or […]

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Ginger Root Heals Ailments

The vitamin ginger root offers you a lot of benefits, including the ability to treat headaches and common colds. One of the most common uses of ginger root is the treat an upset stomach, something we all know and hate. Normally in the form of flat ginger ale and crackers, this vitamin could fix even the most upset of stomachs – and fast to boot. For the last few decades, ancient civilizations have used the vitamin in both cooking form […]

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